Conjuring a Better Climate

Hello and Happy 2019!

2018 began with water magic and ended with energy magic.  Water magic was assisted by teachers from America’s Hogwarts, McBride’s Magic & Mystery School.  New lessons in energy magic came from people working in the nuts & bolts world of training the next generation of energy experts.  Let me explain.

Eric Gribin shows area middle school students how they can help the planet and make a future for themselves with a career in clean energy


Sharing MAGITRICITY with attendees at the Connecticut Science Center


WATER WIZARD grew out of my desire to share the magic of our planet’s most precious resource with audiences.  With the help of Master Magician Jeff McBride, Dean Larry Hass and others at the real-life school for wizards, I created a show of 25 minutes which empowers audiences to care for our water planet (More on the adventure of learning Vegas-level water magic in a previous post). They learn how to be water wizards, conserving and protecting water whether it is coming from their own tap or traveling into an ocean downstream.  In 2019 I will be sharing it with water experts to help my messaging be as powerful and professional as is the magic I learned from Las Vegas.

MAGITRICITY began many years ago as a companion piece to an exhibit on climate change hosted by Yale’s Peabody Museum of Natural History.  Like Water Wizard, it empowers audiences with basic knowledge about humanity’s relationship with Nature, in this case climate & energy.  Through the show, and fliers provided at the end of the show, it offers direction and hope on how to save energy, save money and help save the planet.  Near the end of 2018 MAGITRICITY received a noble invitation to take the stage again from Eric Gribin, Director of the Energy Management Program at Tunxis Community College.  Working with Megan Dempsey of the Connecticut Science Center, Eric and I provided more than just magic and information about the environment and energy.  Eric engaged the young people in energy analysis demonstrations and inspired them to see their future in the clean energy field.

What magic does 2019 hold for you?  What suggestions have you for Water Magic & Energy Magic in the upcoming year?  I would love to hear from you!

– Cyril John “CJ” May a.k.a. Cyril the Sorcerer

“Everything is connect” is a fundemental truth I share in Water Wizard, MAGITRICITY and my other enviromagic shows.



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