Summer & Sorcery!

The Conjuring Connection

a Newsletter for Friends & Supporters of Better World Magic

Hello and Happy Summer!

In these troubled times I encourage you to find restoration for your heart and spirit in Nature.  The cancellation of the live performances I had scheduled for the busy Earth Day season of Spring provided a silver lining.  Weekends and evenings became more free.  I had the time to get outdoors with family, dog and on my own.  No enviromagic I will ever perform will ever equal that we can all experience by walking out the door.  This photo is of a recent family hike.


To continue public outreach on recycling, water, energy and other topics for the citizens of Waterbury I have shifted venues from school and library to Facebook and YouTube.  

During Covid I share a valuable secret from Harry Houdini.  I hope you will watch this three minute video to see the vital lesson Houdini offers to us.  He learned this lesson overcoming childhood poverty and other substantial challenges in his own hard times.


For enviromagic presentations and performances geared towards professionals and other adults please visit my other website:  Better World Magic!

Enjoy the summer and keep your own magic going!

– Cyril “CJ” May


Cyril the Sorcerer



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