The Visual Artistry of Magic

Magic is a visual art.  As a magician I have had the privilege to work with a number of other visual artists whose immense talent have allowed me to share images of my magic with others.   The following are photographers and film makers of immense talent.


Yale School of Art faculty members Lisa Kereszi and Ben Donaldson have a love for magic, magicians and the images they provide to the eye of the camera.  In their neverending quest to photograph magicians they shot some photos of me in my sorcererous robes at a very sorcerous locale:   Yale University’s Bingham Hall.   I have used Lisa’s photos of me with rings, water and crystal ball, as well as Ben’s photo of me shooting lightning from my magic staff, in so many fun and adventurous ways.   I am grateful for their artistry and their generosity in allowing me to use their work.

Photo by Lisa Kereszi

Photo by Lisa Kereszi

Photo by Lisa Kereszi

Photo by Lisa Kereszi

Photo by Lisa Kereszi

Photo by Lisa Kereszi

Wizard Lightning

Photo by Ben Donaldson

Mia Malafronte  is another Connecticut photographer who came to my aid when I needed photographs of myself in “Muggle” attire. I needed the photos to promote my work as a trainer, consultant and TED-Talk style speaker for adults.   Not willing to simply photograph me with a crystal ball in my hand, she thought to add a little something extra inside the crystal ball.

Photo by Mia Malafronte

Photo by Mia Malafronte


Jordan Wright, of Red Spade Entertainment, is magician, film maker and teacher at McBride’s Magic and Mystery School, the world’s most prestigious school for magicians.    I went straight to Jordan when I decided to make a mini-adventure weaving the fantasy world of magic with the modern world of recycling.   Jordan’s artistry, as both magician and film maker, turned my story concept into the beautiful  “Recycling is Magic PSA” video.

Jordan also did the editing and production of my one minute film showing how Cyril the Sorcerer, and everyone else as well, can “vanish” or at least offset their carbon emissions

Make sure to check out Jordan’s work on stage and in front of the camera, performing as the ever-surreal and Charlie Chaplin-like “Mr. Right“.

When a potential sponsor for Message Through Magic asked to see video footage of my shows I turned to Super 9 Studios.    Irene Liebler turned my voiceover script about how magic can change the world into reality through her artistry with storyboarding, camera, editing and music.   The result is the splendid Magic Can Change the World.   I am happy that this video also serves to let others know about my two most popular shows:  “Recycling is Magic” and “MAGITRICITY.”   Both Irene, and Super 9 Studios partner Sandy Connolly, turned this month-long process from a potentially nerve-wracking barrage of shows, filming and edits into a joyful working experience.


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