Wind & Wizardry

From an intense marathon of on-line performances in the Winter of 2021 my enviromagic has made a windswept return to in-person performing. Both have made for epic adventure…

My on-line magic shows for Waterbury began with several performances for the Library on recycling and water

The silver lining to Covid distance learning was the opportunity to perform for Waterbury school children stuck at home. My calendar quickly filled up once the coordinators of several after-school programs learned of my ability to deliver educational magic shows to their students during their afternoon sessions. Performing more than 40 shows in 60 days was exhausting, exhilarating and extremely fulfilling. Students enjoyed a magical break from their studies and more typical on-line experiences. They also responded by asking insightful questions about recycling, trash and what they could recycle in their bins at home. And the additional silver lining…. I did not have to “haul” my show to each school, set it up and re-pack it after each performance. The three on-line shows I developed over the winter were all kept with lights, camera and backdrop in my office. Both the physical and the magical were in many ways easier.

Performing water magic under an open sky at the Rocky Hill Earth Day celebration

I returned to in-person performing in late April sharing “Earth Day Magic”, a new show, with several communities. This show is themed even more fully with my wizardly spin on environmental education: I am here to educate the audience on how to be heroes for our world. In Earth Day magic I share the powerful steps we can all take to recycle, protect water and choose clean energy. This is all wrapped within the wisdom of “The Wizard’s Ancient Secret”: “everything is connected.” This truth reminds us that our ability to help protect our planet is greater than we may realize.

As if the excitement and challenge of returning to in-person performing were not enough I had to relearn how best to work with an old partner and sometimes nemesis: wind. Despite my love for wind as element and provider of clean energy I do not hold that love for the capricious nature of its gusts and breezes. In years past these would blow props off stage, ruin the effect of an otherwise marvelous moment of paper magic and topple my hat from atop my head. This Spring, however, I planned well. I re-tooled Earth Day Magic to be nigh windproof! I replaced routines focused on paper and aluminum foil recycling with one using heavy steel cans, for example. Wind got the last laugh, however, blowing my grand hat from my head during a show. The audience got a good laugh and we all welcomed a return to some degree of normalcy.

Presenting youthful attendees with a certificate extends the magic of the show and serves as a reminder that the power to protect our world is in their hands. This splendid artwork was created by Craig Conley, a.k.a. “Professor Oddfellow”

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