“Wonderful performer!  Fantastic Show!  A Must See!”  – Priscilla DeStefano, Energize Connecticut Center

“Cyril May casts his spell through his mesmerizing acts and more. He’s Mr. Rogers of today’s magic, bringing all the essential tales of life and good conduct to his young audiences. He weaves a seamless tapestry of magic and narrative leaving his viewers at once both entertained and enriched.”   – Roya Hakakian, award-winning author, poet, journalist and human rights activist.

Cyril was an incredibly welcome addition for our second annual Feet to the Fire:  Riverfront Encounter.  he welcomed, educated, and entertained festival-goers of all ages and helped draw attention to our vendors and environmental exhibitors.  He was open-minded, unfailingly enthusiastic about the event, and full of ideas about how he could help to make it a success.  Three cheers for a mission-driven magician!  –  Rani Arbo, 2016 Festival Coordinator, Wesleyan University Center for the Arts

“We really enjoyed having CJ perform at our opening event.   He sent a great message about recycling and sustainability to our attendees while keeping us all entertained.”  – Marjie Griek, Colorado Association for Recycling

“The positive response was absolutely overwhelming and there is wide consensus that it was among the best TGIFs ever”  – Maisah Khan, Global Institute of Sustainable Forestry

“CJ May is an ardent environmental educator who brings his magician skills to the fore as a means of articulating and expanding information for his audiences.  His application of CT Science Standards in a riveting presentation and subsequent on recycling was described by seventy-five third graders as one of the year’s best.  Additionally, the students were moved to be more environmentally responsible and have begun discussions on what they can do to effect change within their school and communities.  CJ May is extraordinary. He is capable of transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. He is diligent, willing to pursue ideas in a scholarly manner and present with artful consideration. His well-developed recycling and energy presentations and lessons demonstrate his capacity to create additional pathways to learning on a possible expanded set of topics. ”  – Sharyn Esdaile, ACES

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