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8 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Cyril… Chris Moss from tropical Illusions… we met during our performances at the Zoo in Connecticut, enjoyed your visit, and very glad to hear of your new position with the city… congrats to you my friend on a great accomplishment!

    • Hello! I do apologize for not responding sooner. I should have received notice from my site at the time. My position is going well and allowing quite a bit of creativity in using magic for environmental education. I would love to share stories some time if you like! 203-737-0475/

    • Hello! Thank you for your message! Yes, I perform at birthday parties but only quite rarely. For the most part I perform at schools, festivals and other public venues. With respect to birthday parties, I am generally invited if the family is either 1) very environmentally-oriented or 2) very “wizardly”-focused! If this is of interest to you let us chat further!

    • Hello! SO sorry for the delay! I did not see this notice. I occasionally perform at birthday parties and would be happy to learn more about your grandson and if he might be interested for October 2018.

  2. Cyril, interested in talking with you about a possible performance similar to the one given at APEC on 10/15/17 — re importance of putting plastic in the correct disposal bin. Planning on something for the Sunday School students and church goers at a church in Bayside, Queens. How much would you charge?

    Lorraine/Bayside United Methodist Church

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