I am proud to offer a number of enviromagic shows!

All shows are suitable, or adaptable, for audiences of any age:

The Wizard’s Dungeon

THE WIZARD’S DUNGEON teaches the importance of discarding household hazardous waste safely through my own tale of cleaning out my wizard’s workshop.  Volunteers play the role of wizards and fairies, bringing this enviromagic fairytale to life.



MAGITRICITY introduces the basics of energy and climate change.  It teaches that everyone has the power to save energy, save money and save the planet.  It began as a companion piece to an exhibit on climate change at the Yale Peabody Museum.

WATER WIZARD uses Vegas-level water magic to share important information on conserving and protecting our planet’s most precious resource.  It incorporates the master level wizardry that my teacher, Master Magician Jeff McBride, used to best Penn & Teller on their TV show “Fool Us.”

RECYCLING IS MAGIC has been my mainstay show for more than 15 years.  In a story of monsters, magic & too much trash, a wandering wizard learns that recycling is the best magic to cure the woes of a village beset by messy ogres.

LITTLE FAIRIES, BIG MAGIC teaches the importance of humans, animals (and fairies) sharing wilderness. It was created for fairy festivals but succeeds in providing its fun and important message in all settings.


RESOURCERY presents environmental magic and environmental learning on a variety of topics in a TED Talk fashion.  While Resourcery is usually shared with professionals and other adults as part of training programs and conferences, it can be adapted for younger audiences.

Let us work together to empower this,
and the next, generation of heroes!




Other Shows beyond the Environmental…

Hard Times Magic

This show uses my own story of suffering through hard times to bring a message of magic and miracle to homeless populations or others facing challenges in their lives.

Epic Magic:  Escape from the Goblins and The Goblin Sword

In this series of stories evoking the legacy of Lord of the Rings and other fantasy masterpieces, Cyril shares the life of Jasper the wizard.  Starting with his capture by goblins and mentoring in magic by imp and wizard, Jasper grows to play a role in the war between humans and goblins when he recovers the magical sword that began the conflict.  Featuring swords, sorcery and epic adventure this cycle of stories provides an exciting visit to a world of legend.

The Magic of Hanukkah 

This show adds magic to a time of year already known for its miracles:  Hanukkah.  Cyril shares magics featuring the luck of the dreidel, the glitter of gelt (gold coins and foil wrapped candy), the steel of the Brothers Maccabee, and the miracle of 8 days of oil.   He also brings in some celebratory silliness to the event to make for a performance fun for all ages.

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  1. Please send info about school assembly for a elementary school K-5. About a 170 children. We would like to book you for the following school year through the clean air community act. Thank you

    • Hello! I am so sorry for the delay in responding. I did not receive a notification from the website about yoru message. Please provide your phone number and/or email address so that I can communicate with you directly. THANK YOU!

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