Cyril the Sorcerer’s Enviro-Magic Video Experience

Join us this Tuesday as we mark a big step forward for Message Through Magic, a program which Yale’s Peabody Museum and I hope to launch there formally in 2014.  Beginning at 3:00 pm we will be involving families, off school for election day, in creating video to promote environmental magic.   In addition to performing “Recycling is Magic” and “MAGITRICITY”, I will be interacting with children to showcase the use of magic to teach about water and other issues.   The resulting video, being artfully crafted by Super 9 Studios, will be sent to a philanthropic magician for consideration.   We also hope to use the video in reaching others who may support Message Through Magic and partner with us to advance this program.  We hope you can join us Tuesday in New Haven, CT!   Facebook has event details.    I am especially delighted to use the term “Enviro-Magic” for this milestone event as it was created by my teacher, Master Magician Jeff McBride, at the dawn of the modern environment movement in the 1970s.

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