Nuts, Bolts and Recycling Sorcery

I was delighted to follow through on a request by educators at the ACES Wintergreen Interdistrict Magnet School in Hamden, CT to provide my special mix of magic and message.   The three 3rd grade classes were completing a unit on recycling.   I provided “Recycling is Magic” and a few extra elements to bring the message of recycling in a fun and powerful way.  I then went to each class to cover the technical magic of recycling operations.   We reviewed what can be recycled, how recycling helps the economy as well as the environment, and what the environmental and economic effects are when recyclables are discarded as trash.

This opportunity was especially enjoyable for me as I was able to rely on both my magical skills as well as my 22 years as a recycling coordinator.  As well, my many summers as a camp counselor came into play in ensuring that the time I spent with each class was fun as well as educational.

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