Magic Can Change the World

“Magic, by its ability to capture the imagination, can change the world.” – CJ May

This video is a brief introduction to my two most popular shows, “Recycling is Magic” and “MAGITRICITY”, and how they help others see the magic they possess.    The video was created to promote my work in environmental magic to those who might bring me to perform as well as to those who might support a grander effort:  Message Through Magic (MTM).  Message Through Magic would allow me to perform full-time and develop new presentations while also providing cross-training to magicians, environmental educators and youth on how to strengthen their own presentations through the use of magic.

The video was masterfully created by Irene Liebler of Super 9 Studios.  She, and her partner Sandy, showed such creativity in the still and video photography they showed me that I trusted this effort to them.   The finished video exceeded my expectations.