Happy Earth Day to one and all!     I am delighted to be sharing MAGITRICITY, a show about energy and climate change, with audiences at a number of Earth Day events.   Originally conceived as a companion piece to Yale Peabody Museum’s “Seasons of Change” exhibit, MAGITRICITY shares the secret of energy, and how each person can choose and use energy wisely.   The mantra is “save energy, save money and save the planet.”   Please email me for more information on bringing MAGITRICITY to your community.

I will be traveling to North Carolina later this week for a series of performances for children and a presentation for civic leaders.   Performing and presenting to adults is a delight.   Like TED Talk presentations, my presentations carry valuable information and inspiration to audiences.  Unlike TED Talk presentations, I use magic to help illustrate the important points.  For my North Carolina audiences I will be emphasizing how important recycling is to creating jobs, recovering valuable resources from our trash bins, and helping each person do the right magic in terms of protecting the planet.    One amazing recycling venture in North Carolina is Charlotte’s nascent eco-industrial park:   Reventure Park.    With a recycling facility as its anchor, Reventure Park will be re-invigorating shuttered industrial facilities to develop recycling, biomass and other industries which feed “waste” products from one business to its neighbor.

Enjoy Earth Day!

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