The Magic of Sunlight in Darkness

I may be a wizard but it was Waldo Renewable that put the great magic of solar panels on our roof.  With innovative technology the panels double up and not only pre-heat our hot water but also turn sunlight into electricity.  Even in the darkness of mid-winter, coupled with a string of grey days since the Solstice, the photo-voltaic panels have produced approximately 60 kWh of electricity in just the last week.  This is enough electricity to power my laptop for more than 100 days running 13 hours a day.   Not bad magic for the dark of winter.  Since installation earlier this year, the solar panels have resulted in a reduction of more than 2.5 tons of carbon releases by replacing the energy equivalent of nearly 300 barrels of oil.   This magic isn’t just for wizards.  If you want to turn sunlight into heat and electricity check in with your state government for financial support and tax breaks.  The Connecticut State Energy Program and the federal government both assist businesses and homeowners with installing this technological wonder.

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